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Question about having a bike shipped to my home during the REI store closure

Hi! I’m thinking of buying a bike but a little nervous about having it shipped while you’re closed. Do you have good success shipping bikes? How much of it is assembled? If it’s damaged I guess I’d just have to wait until you’re open to exchange it? I’m concerned that you’re about to run out of the bike I want. Any recommendations?

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@frugalbiker Hey frugal, assuming that question was pointed to me. I did not get an e-notice. I just called back today and spoke to someone who was perhaps more seasoned. She told me first of all, the charge on my card was a pending hold not an actual charge, and also she was able to cancel my order. She told me "there was no possible way the bike was going to be shipped out this week." They are very behind on orders, and have a limited team in their few warehouses handling building, testing, then shipping out the bikes. I actually felt good about canceling the order, hoping that it might take some load off these over-burdened workers, while also helping out my LBS in this trying time. Good luck and be patient if you order from REI. 

Just to clarify for those trying to anticipate delays -- I ordered my bike 4/2, expected delivery on 4/7, and best case delay of 12-16 days from what customer service told me on the phone this morning. 


Just an update for anyone interested in current timeline.

I ordered 4/5 with an EAD of 4/13.  Today, 4/16 10am, I received an email that my bike has completed assembly, testing, etc (from Arizona distribution center; I am in Oregon).  I am now awaiting an email stating it has been shipped.  I'm "guesstimating" that the final EAD will be approx 10-12 days delayed, which would be consistent with what Tayor2610 was told.

Thank you for sharing! Ordered the same day and expecting from the same DC so hopefully I'll see a similar email soon. 


Just got another email with shipping info.  Good news is EAD is 4/20;  bad news is the shipper is ONTRAC and they are really badly rated online (1.1/5.0).


Final update.

First, I stand corrected regarding ONTRAC.  Not only did they deliver promptly, but they delivered early AND on a Saturday (it was NOT scheduled for "Saturday delivery", just standard weekday delivery).  The bikes arrived at 11AM Saturday 4/18/20, just 5 days after original EAD.  Not bad of a delay at all.  I would rate them 4-1/2/5.0.

The bikes were in good condition, thanks to both REI/Arizona, and ONTRAC.

However, ONTRAC just unloaded them at the garage and drove off with no notification from the driver.  Fortunately, I had signed up for ONTRAC e-notification, and they sent the email within TWO MINUTES of delivery.


@frugalbiker thanks so much for the update! It's been really helpful (for us and other members) to hear about your experience throughout. So glad you've finally got your bike!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Great news! @frugalbiker 

Unfortunately no updates on my end despite matching order dates and the 4/13 EAD  provided in my order confirmation e-mail. Glad to hear your bike arrived safely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week! 


Hey Ryan,

FYI, I had sent a "conversations" email to REI noting my order number and asking which DC my bike was shipping from, and where in the queue I was.  They responded with the Arizona DC and that I was due for completion that week.  You might do the same; at least that will give you an idea of where you stand.

Thank you @frugalbiker. I sent REI an email on the 10th and was told on the 15th the bike is shipping from the "AZ distribution center with about a 7-10 day queue." Not sure if that's 7-10 days from when they receive the order or a 7-10 day delay from original estimated arrival. There was otherwise no clarifying information about the status of my order.