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Question about having a bike shipped to my home during the REI store closure

Hi! I’m thinking of buying a bike but a little nervous about having it shipped while you’re closed. Do you have good success shipping bikes? How much of it is assembled? If it’s damaged I guess I’d just have to wait until you’re open to exchange it? I’m concerned that you’re about to run out of the bike I want. Any recommendations?

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@Im_out Thanks for reaching out!

Every bike that we ship directly to customers is unboxed, assembled, completely adjusted, and test-ridden by the dedicated bike mechanics at our distribution centers. Our mechanics then remove the pedals, front wheel and handlebars to package the bike for shipping to you.

Once the bike arrives, the process to put the finishing touches on your bike is fairly straightforward- we include tools and detailed instructions to get the job done, and you can always reach out to for any technical questions or advice about the process. 

All of that is to say: while we can't control all of the variables that come with shipping a bike, our teams do a really good job getting the bikes packed up and ready to ship to our customers. Please bear in mind that these procedures do add some time to the shipment process.

We hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi John,

I imagine you're dealing with increased online orders.  My current bike gave out a few weeks ago, so I've been anxiously awaiting my order.  The anticipated arrival date of April 3 has come and gone with no updates - still lists an April 3 arrival as anticipated.  Any idea what type of arrival timelines are typical right now?  



@kellyschin thanks for reaching out; we're so sorry for the delay in getting your new bike to you. As you mentioned, we are experiencing an increase in online orders and bikes are extra tricky because, when our business is running "normally," the final assembly on most new bikes occurs in our retail stores. So, with our stores closed, all of the final assembly work has fallen on our bike technicians in just 3 distribution centers.

So, your bike? After a bike is ordered, it goes into a queue at one of our distribution centers for final assembly and packing. Although we don't have visibility to the exact location in the queue where your bike is, we do know that as soon as it's assembled, you will receive a confirmation email that it's on it's way!

Again, we're really sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience as our teams work as quickly as possible to get new bikes on their way.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hello REI Team!

I understand there are a lot of uncertainties regarding bike orders but will there be any effort to update estimated deliveries to more accurately reflect current throughput? I may not be excited about the answer but it will be one less unknown. 


@Ryan thanks for reaching out requesting that we update our estimated arrival dates for bike orders. We recognize that our bike delays are frustrating and we're really sorry. Depending on when you ordered your bike, we did make an update to our EADs at the end of last week to try to account for the delays we're seeing. If you ordered prior to then, you might add ~4-7 days to the original EAD we provided. Hope this helps.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JenK No apology necessary! That information helps a lot! Thank you for responding to our inquiries and providing the additional transparency. 

Hi Ryan,

Did you ever receive your bike?  How much later did you get yours vs the EAD?

I placed an order with EAD 4/13 and am anxious to ride.  Thanks!



I also ordered a bike from REI's website on 4/2, my estimated arrival date has come and gone. I managed my expectations going into it, and am not upset about it one bit. However, I just found the same bike locally today, and decided to call REI to cancel the order. They told me they could not cancel, and my card was already charged. It's not a good time for me to have two bikes on my CC statement, so I am stuck till it arrives. She estimated another week out, which would total ~17 days from when I ordered. Just wanted to throw this out there to anyone thinking about it. 


@taylor2610 Did you get an updated e-notice from REI regarding the charge, or shipping, or EAD, or anything?  Or was your first awareness of progress the result of your call?