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Question about a sleeping bag included in the REI Sale March 20 - April 06

My question involves the sale price listed in the most recent REI flyer for the Sea to Summit Trailhead THII 30 sleeping bag. The advertised sale price says $89.99 but when I go online to order the price comes up with what appears to be the regular price of $149-$159. I'm interested in purchasing this bag in the "long" style and would be using my member coupon  but would like to know the price I will be paying. I do understand the "long" bag will be more but again need to know the price. One last thing, will you be extending the sale or member coupon due to the current corona virus problem? Thank You. Bill

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@WJEPOSTAL Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, it appears that we have sold out of the Sea to Summit Trailhead THII 30 sleeping bag - lots of folks must have been interested like you were! If it helps at all, sale items, such as that Sea to Summit sleeping bag, are actually excluded from the 20% member coupon as the coupon only applies to full-priced items.

Because we are out of stock on that specific sleeping bag, we pulled together a list of a few other similar options for you to consider; a few of them are on sale, so those would not be coupon-eligible, but you can certainly use your coupon on the full-priced ones. We hope this helps!

Finally, at this time, we have not planned to extend the sale or coupon beyond April 6th.

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