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Purchasing a new bike during REI's Inside/Outside Sale?

I'd very much like to purchase a new bike. Don't lots of reading, really think I like the Cannondale 8 for under $500.  But I notice your sale "just ended". Why?  Its COVID-19 time, remember?  Any purchase decisions are harder for all of us. I would 'suggest' that REI extend their 15% off, especially for purchases over $100, until the crisis is over.

Just a suggestion. 

Stay healthy!

PG in Alaska

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@pgnak thanks for reaching out with your feedback and suggestion and we're sorry you missed our Inside/Outside sale. If it helps at all, Cannondale bikes were actually not on sale during that event, so the price is the same now as it was then. With that said, please let us know if we can help answer any questions about that bike specifically, or any other bikes you may be considering as our inventory in the Cannondale Trail 8 appears to be sold through at the moment.

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