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Re: Product specifications - standardization of units please?

I've noted this before and just hoped it would be resolved. In comparing products, some show the weight in grams and others in ounces on the same comparison page. I'm aware that the input from the manufacturer is probably the input. I'd like to ask that REI take a moment and put all weights of similar items in the same units. Grams is preferred for lighter items. For instance, I was comparing bicycle winter lighting. A couple of items from the same manufacturer even were inconsistent. Yes, I know how to convert, but I think REI can do a better service by standardizing measurements. Weights in grams, lengths in centimeters, clothing waist sizes in inches, clothing inseam lengths in inches, etc. Hoping some day soon all will be metric, but for now, just a bit of consistency. 

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Another way to do this would be to make each dimension a "mouseover" field. When you hover your mouse pointer over the field the other unit(s) would display. So for instance a field that shows a dimension of 1" would display 2.54cm when hovered over. (This is similar to what happens when you hover the mouse pointer over a link; the target URL appears.)

Programming this to work universally on the REI site would take some effort I imagine but it would address the issue automatically and everywhere.


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@CyclistDuNord Thanks for reaching out!

One of the things we are most excited about in this community is the ability to hear directly from our members and customers about the things they care about; where we hit the mark for them or where we miss. We appreciate you bringing this feedback to us about the differences in the units used for specifications.

Thanks for being a member of our co-op and our community!

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