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Product return and replacement

I joined REI and I bought a Fitbit Charge 4 about 1 week ago. The battery was not holding a charge so I returned it. I would like to have it replaced at no cost. I received a $20 credit on the purchase as it was my initial purchase,

How do I go about getting the replacement?



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@Ted Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Co-op!

We're sorry that your Fitbit Charge did not perform as expected. Just to clarify, you have already returned it and received a refund for your purchase? If so, and you are now looking to purchase the same item with the same $20 credit you received when you made your initial purchase, you will need to speak with someone either on our Sales and Customer Service team which can be reached at 1-800-426-4840 or, if your local REI store is open, you can go in to the store and speak with a customer service specialist. They should be able to look up your purchase history and talk through your options.

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