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Problems with Camp Dreamer air mattress sleeping pad deflating

I bought a Camp Dreamer single inflatable sleeping pad on July 26, 2020.  I used it for a 7-day kayak camping trip in September, 2020.  The sleeping pad was great, very comfortable and held air.  No problems with it. I stored the mattress rolled up in its stuff sack in a closet after the trip.  I just returned from another kayak camping trip.  The mattress would not hold air, so I spent a miserable 7 nights sleeping on hard ground, rocks, and wooden deck tent pads.  The problem is the valve.  After inflating, I can hear air escaping from the valve. I tried fashioning gaskets out of ziplock bags or duct tape but the screw-on cap also is not air tight.  I've read several reviews on this product that report the same problem. I'm looking for a solution that will enable me to use this mattress (that I paid $150 for) and trust that it will perform when I'm far from civilization.  Is there a replacement valve that is superior to the crappy one that came with the unit?  What can I do to salvage this situation?  I'm going to review this product and give it 1 star (unless I can give it a zero) unless I hear back from REI and report that there is a happy solution here.  I'm not a "happy camper" at the moment.  Not only was this mattress totally worthless in terms of sleeping comfort, but I had to lug it around for a week.  Please help!  Really, I don't think REI should even sell this product until the valve problem is corrected.

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Thank you for reaching out, although we are sorry to hear that it is because you are having this issue with your sleeping pad. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to diagnose a problem in a forum setting like this without having the sleeping pad in front of us. As such, we encourage you to go to your local REI store and speak with a sales specialist about a potential fix. If you don't live close to a store, we recommend calling our sales and customer support team at 1-800-426-4840 or via Live Chat.

Hopefully this helps and we can find a solution for you!

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Thanks John. The problem is the valve. Nearest REI store is over an hour away. I’ll go there sometime if I can’t resolve this another way. It should be an easy fix - replace the valve. I’m hoping someone can recommend a replacement, like one for an air bed, inflatable kayak or boat. It shouldn’t be hard. REI should own this since it appears to be a common headache with this product.