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problem with leki trekking poles

On my Leki Jannu trekking poles, the middle section of one slides out of the black collar that locks the lower section in place. It looks like it was glued in but that glue no longer holds. What kind of glue or adhesive should I use to secure it in place again?


GK Lazar

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Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear that the glue is no longer holding on one of your trekking poles. For the specific information you are looking for, your best bet would be to reach out to Leki directly. You can do so at their Contact Page here. That being said, it is likely an epoxy that was gluing the plastic collar to the metal pole. While you don't necessarily need to remove all of the previous adhesive in that case, you will want to lightly sand the the residue so it is ready to bond to another application of epoxy.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Thanks for the advice. I'll try it.



Yes, epoxy, absolutely 

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Thanks for your advice. I'll try it.