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Poor customer service at Rancho Cucamonga store

For the first time I had a pretty rough experience. I went to REI in Rancho Cucamonga to return some shoes. I was told to stand in the return line from the greeter outside. I’m standing in line with my toddler. 2  people are in the normal line. I was the only one in the return line. 3 more people get to the regular line & ALL cashiers are open. Every single person is called in the regular line. I felt a little upset considering I was there before some people. When I was FINALLY get called I asked “should I have stood in the regular line considering it would’ve been faster?” Employee answered “well, I seen the line was now empty so I figured to call you”... sounds like if there were 20 people in the regular like & I was the only one in the return line ... I would’ve had to wait until the other line was empty. Sucks. Really does. My toddler was fussy which is no ones fault ... but I don’t know, pretty inconsiderate. 

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Hi @ArlinJeninne - Thanks for reaching out and we apologize that we missed the mark on your expectations for service. Delivering the best customer service is always our goal and we appreciate hearing feedback that can help us improve. For when you return, we always recommend asking to speak with a manager while you're at the store; they can often help resolve any issues. We are going to pass your comments along to the Rancho Cucamonga management team. Thank you for being an REI customer and we hope that you’ll give us another chance in the future.

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