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Patching an REI Air Pad

Hi.  I have a Flash Insulated Air Pad that is over a year old.  On my last backpack trip, I slept on the ground most of the trip because the pad sprung a couple small leaks.  When I got home I put it in water and found where they are.  I need to patch them so I can use the pad on an upcoming trip.  I looked at reviews of the REI sleeping pad repair kit and they were not too good.  There also seems to be some controversy about whether to just use the adhesive or use it with a patch.  Some people seem to prefer the Seam Grip to REI patch kit.  What product would you recommend?  What method of patching do you recommend?  Thanks!

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Hey there @Tonydavid!

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry you're having issues with your sleeping pad, I know from experience that can be frustrating. I've resigned myself to always carrying a patch kit with me because I almost always have my dog with me and she inevitably finds a way onto the pad and it's only a matter of time before I hear that tell-tale hiss :).

I have used the REI Patch Kit with success on several sleeping pads that are still going strong! I will say that it depends on the nature of the hole: if it is small a dab of glue will do the trick, if it is larger you will need to use the patch. I also make sure to check the glue to make sure it is still tacky before each trip. If it has dried out I pick up a new one and add it to the patch kit. 

Thank you for seeking out a repair solution and helping to keep your gear out of the landfill. I wish you best of luck returning your pad into service and many more miles on the trail. I hope this helps, thanks!



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