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Paper bags for curbside pickup


I've been using the curbside pick up option lately due to COVID and I really appreciate the service! It's extremely convenient and quick. However, my one and only gripe about the service is that I cannot opt out of receiving my items in a paper bag during the pick up process. Is there a way you can add this as another option in the form (along with parking #, car color, etc), when we arrive to pick up?

So far I've been asking people to dump out the contents in my trunk, but an option in the online form would feel more efficient. Not sure how REI feels about this, as it seems the bags are also used for organizing the large amounts of orders that come through. It would be a good first step, though, in trying to reduce waste, even if it the bags are recyclable/reusable. 

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Hi @vk - Thanks for reaching out! One of the things we are most excited about in this community is the chance to hear feedback from our customers. We are happy to hear that curbside pickups are convenient and appreciated!

As you mentioned, orders are placed in bags right now so they can be prepared/organized beforehand and ready to deliver as customers arrive. We have noted your feedback about the paper bags and wanting an update to the form. As always, we are thankful for our customers having sustainability in mind!

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