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Pack replacement - looking for recommendations on what to get!

I had to 'retire' a lovely Traverse 30 backpack I had from 2012 until 2020, and now I want to order another (I'm in Europe so will have to order online). I used it for travel, work and shopping, and so would like a pack with a good number of easily accessible pockets. Looking at the Kelty Redtail 27 or the Trail Hydro 30L, but is there something else? For those two, how are their pockets arranged?

2 Replies

Take a look a the Traverse35  or the Trail40. 

The Traverse35 is very well regarded and has a lot of pockets.  I got one last year as a daypack.  The hip belt pockets are a bit smaller then I would like but otherwise I think it is a great pack.

The Trail40 has a few less pockets but is probably a bit better for travel because of it.  My son and his wife used them as their main bags for an international trip and were able to take them as carry on though they are slight larger then spec for some airline rules.


@PeterK are there any other features that you really loved about your Traverse 30? Knowing that will help us make better recommendations. Sounds like pockets matter - what (if anything) else?!

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