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Out of date hammock?

I have had an Eno Hammock for a few years now and was recently gifted an underquilt so that I can use it more often. When I first used the underquilt it did not fit and wasn't super useful, so I went online to see what I did wrong.

It turned out, that the Eno hammock I have is different from what I saw online because the hammock itself is wrapped around the caribiner, whereas the others appeared to have some rope that connects the caribiner to the hammock.

Are my hammock and underquilt out of date and incompatible with eachother or have I been missing a step with my hammock? Would it be wise to try and jerry-rig a rope so that my underquilt fits properly?

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Hi @dgschwales! Thanks for reaching out. First off, be sure to thank whoever gifted you that underquilt...that's a pretty sweet gift! Second, I do not think that your hammock and underquilt are incompatible as they are both Eno and the underquilt should be a universal fit. Usually you would clip the underquilt directly into the hammock carabiners (rope or not) and then you should be set, but it sounds like that might not be working for you.

Here is an video from the Eno website that might help (30 seconds in is when they clip the underquilt to the hammock):

If you can let me know the model of the hammock and underquilt that would help me determine what is going on, and we can get you out sleeping cozy in no time.

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The hammock is the Eno ProNest (no longer available) and then it's the Ember 2 Underquilt. 


Hello again @dgschwales! I connected with Eno about compatability between the two items you have, and it turns out that they are not designed to go together. The ProNest is an old discontinued model that is considerably shorter (8') than all other current Eno products that fit together seamlessly. You could try to clip the shock-cords of your new underquilt to the hammock attachment points and it might work, but it doesn't sound like it will be a perfect fit. Sorry that I don't have better news for you.

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

It's good to know that it's not my fault then that they don't work right together. Thank you for your help in figuring it all out.