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New Vasque Breeze Boots NOT Waterproof

Hi.  I bought a pair of Vasque Breeze III Mid GTX Hiking Boots last April.  They are really comfortable.  I had been satisfied with them until I wore them this fall in raining weather and walked in the snow.  The boots are getting soaking wet inside.  I have been wearing them with rainpants over the top of the boots.  I know water is not coming in from the top of the boot because the part of the boots covered by the rainpants is dry.  Aren't these boots supposed to be waterproof?  Has anybody else had this problem with this model of boots.  Are they defective?  What should I do?  

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@Tonydavid , those boots should indeed be waterproof but there could be a number of things impacting their performance. Are the tops of the boots wet? Even with your rain pants, water can go over the top of the boot. Boot care, including keeping them clean and storing them dry, are essential parts of maintaining your boot's waterproof properties. It's difficult to diagnose the issue without seeing the boots so I'd recommend taking them into your local store if that's an option. We stand behind the quality of the products that we sell so if the boots are truly defective, we'd be happy to return or exchange them for you. Here is an Expert Advice article on cleaning and caring for your boots:

I hope this helps! Happy hiking!

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HI @Tonydavid .

I experienced a nearly identical situation to what you describe here with a pair of Merrells.  I could step in a puddle, or cross a shallow stream and I'd see the water just roll off the outside and my feet stayed blessedly dry.  But then came an early spring game of disc golf, where the grass was heavy with dew, and before I'd gotten halfway through the course, my feet were wet,  How could this be?  Well, I did a lot of research and found that when subjected to continuous moisture, even the best waterproof shoes will eventually "wet out".  Once that happens, they are notoriously slow to dry.

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