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New mountain bike inventory question.

Looking to purchase new mountain bike.  Do you normally have more inventory? I am looking for 2k or below.  I want to purchase in the next few weeks.  Does your website only show what you have in inventory at this moment?

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Pretty much everywhere, not just REI, has had low inventory this year on bikes. Double whammy of COVID both disrupting supply lines and massively increasing outdoor recreation demand. Things are starting to recover and come back: you'll probably have more options if you're able to wait longer.

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@drewflix51 Thanks for reaching out!

@TomV is spot on in his response. Unfortunately, our stock is low due to high demand and we will not likely see more mountain bikes coming until the end of the year. If you're able to wait until then you should have more options from REI.


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Thanks for the reply.  I was ready to buy but a friend told me about pink bike.  I got a 2019 full suspension carbon fiber bike with $2500 in new carbon fiber wheels, seat post and stem for $1500 bucks!  I got the whole set up for $1250.  Took it to local bike shop and the tech was so jealous.  He offered me 2500 if I would sell it to him.  Rode it yesterday and I am in love.  I am seeing a lot of used bikes hit the market now that the novelty is fading.  thank god because they were driving the price up on everything.  Looking forward to seeing the market get flooded with used bikes in the next few months.