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NEMO Dagger 2P Tent - Floor Fabric Defect?

Greetings, and thanks for REI's amazing customer service.

Last Spring (April 2019) I bought a NEMO Dagger 2P Tent in your Fort Collins CO store. I love the tent, but have been having some problems with the tent floor in wet conditions. The floor fabric seems to dissolve into a milky fluid when it gets wet. Also, when stored, the floor seems to stick to itself and needs to be gently peeled apart to separate - even when the tent is fully dried before storage. I've read that there was a problem with a select few of these tents, and want to figure out if the tent I bought has a defective floor material. The floor seems to not have the waterproofing I'd expect from a tent of this quality and design.

I'd appreciate any thoughts!

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@Drew Thanks for reaching out!

NEMO has given this update for its 2019 Dagger tents. It has provided a webpage to help you determine if your Dagger 2P Tent is one of the affected tents. It provides thorough instructions on identifying your tent and what to do if it is part of the recall. Additionally, you can contact their customer service team with any specific questions you have. 

I hope this helps, thanks!


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