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Need help getting my Petzl TIKKA R+ headlamp to transition between modes

I've had my headlamp for about 6-8 years now and have lost the owners manual.  When I get into "lockout mode", I have great trouble getting back to my white lights again.  How do I perform the sequence to get my TKKA R+ back on track (out of lockout mode?  Any help here would be really appreciated.  Puff

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I don't have this lamp but I found this manual online

Look like the "lock" is just that you have to long press the top "power" button for 2 seconds to turn on the lamp.  Once it is on then a short press of the same button cycles the lamp through the various brightness settings of low medium and high  and a double press give you "boost".   The side button changes the lighting mode between "reactive", constant and red.



Thanks for reaching out!

In addition to the good advice @OldGuyot gave you, we wanted to call out that the manual states that if the light is turned off in 'red' mode, it will turn back on in 'red' mode. As such, once unlocked and turned on, you'll need to push the side button to cycle through modes to get to a 'white' light. Similarly to OldGuyot's suggestion, it sounds like the procedure would be to unlock/turn on the headlamp with the button on top, then cycle to the mode you want with the side button.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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