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Native Eyewear --Beware! Struggles with replacement parts

I have purchased three pairs of Native Eyewear sunglasses from REI since 2017. Love them, but tried to order replacement parts and the company is non-responsive. An automated response sends me to a website called "luxotica," but they do not list Native Eyewear as one of their supported companies.

Very frustrating to have $100+ glasses that need parts (notepads, lens....)

Anyone else had this problem?

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Thank you for adding your voices to this discussion. We understand your disappointment and frustration over Native's warranty policy and inability to procure replacement parts for your sunglasses. Rest assured we have heard you and passed your feedback along.

In order to provide clarity for others with similar questions, we are going to include useful information regarding Native sunglasses and some of the other brands currently carried by REI:

  • In March of 2020 Luxottica Brands purchased Native Eyewear.
  • Native Sunglasses now offers a limited lifetime warranty that is standard for all Luxottica brands. This warranty covers 'manufacturer's defect' for the lifetime of the product. It does not cover normal wear and tear. You can begin to submit a warranty claim here. If your sunglasses are not covered by the limited lifetime warranty, Luxotttica will let you know how much it will cost to replace them.
  • Native is no longer offering replacement parts for its sunglasses.
  • Sunglasses brands carried by REI at this time that are also owned by Luxottica are Oakley, Native, Ray-Ban, and Costa.
  • Most sunglasses brands carried by REI offer a similar limited warranty as Luxottica, that is, warranted against manufacturer's defect but not normal wear and tear or scratched lenses. If you would like to look at the warranty information for some of our other brands you can find them here for Tifosi Optics, Smith Optics, Maui Jim, Shwood Eyewear, Zeal Optics, Julbo Eyeweargoodr Sunglasses, and Suncloud Optics.
  • Of the brands carried by REI, Tifosi Optics, Maui Jim, goodr, Julbo and Suncloud all mention offering repair services for their sunglasses. Tifosi, Julbo, and Maui Jim specifically call out having replacement parts, even for some discontinued models, available for purchase.

Again, we thank you for bringing your concerns and frustrations about your sunglasses to us here in the community. We have passed along your feedback to our teams and to Native sunglasses as well. We hope that the information included here will help inform your next buying decision.

Thank you for being customers of REI and members of our community.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you for responding and the detail.  Thanks for taking the time.   I appreciate it.   I’ll heed the warnings on next brand buying.    

Sad. I won't buy a pair of Native's either. The nosepiece fell off and replacing it via the website is basically an exercise in madness. Has anyone found a generic nose piece that can be glued or impaled onto the metal bracket? Im bummed that what seems like a perfectly good piece of equipment is not usable right now because of this...and what an environmentally unfriendly policy. One small, piece is missing so throw the whole thing away?

I also was a huge fan of Native and I had ordered replacement parts previously. It was easy.  I actually got to this board because I was looking for parts again. I’m saddened that they were also swallowed up by Luxotica . That company also ruined Ray Ban IMO.

I am with you.  I need replacement nose pads, emailed the company, and only received the automated response e-mail saying that we received your e-mail.

A "fix" for those of you missing nose-pieces:

I bought a generic replacement for MauiJim's sunglasses that slide over a post on Amazon. So far, so good. Not exactly the same fit, but it works. I will probably add a touch of super glue to make sure they stay put.

Beware of buying native eyewear from REI. I have a pair of sunglasses and the nose piece fell off.

Impossible to get replaced

REI was unable to resolve except to tell me to contact native eyewear, so i did, the only prompt on the recorded message was to send me to the parent company Luxottica, the parent company, went to their website to get part, they support all their brands EXCEPT Native.

you have been warned

Weren't you able to return the defective item for a full refund?  I have been able to do that with the very rare defective or unsatisfactory items I have purchased.

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We're sorry to hear you're having this issue with your Native sunglasses. Please take a look at this conversation we had with another user experiencing the issue as well: Native Eyewear --Beware! Struggles with replacement parts. . It might shed a little light on the situation and know we have sent the feedback to our team who manages vendor partnerships.

Hope this helps, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
Native Sunglasses Dash XP/ Iron

I've purchased 4 pair of these sunglasses from REI over the years. (2 in the last year). I lost one lens while skiing and just need a replacement. There is a lengthy thread already concerning the fact that there are zero resources for customer support. From what I can ascertain, Native was purchased by Luxottica. When you call them, they text you with customer service instructions: create an account, log in, choose the sunglasses, etc. THEN THEY DO NOT LIST "NATIVE" AS A CHOICE. It is literally as if these sunglasses do not exist. I bought them at REI less than a year ago. How can I get a replacement lens? 

A loyal REI customer frustrated here.