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Native Eyewear --Beware! Struggles with replacement parts

I have purchased three pairs of Native Eyewear sunglasses from REI since 2017. Love them, but tried to order replacement parts and the company is non-responsive. An automated response sends me to a website called "luxotica," but they do not list Native Eyewear as one of their supported companies.

Very frustrating to have $100+ glasses that need parts (notepads, lens....)

Anyone else had this problem?

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That phone number doesn't work.  Too many numbers.

This number is on the Native Website (which I can't look at to see what other options are available to get a closer match because it is also down) -  1-888-77NATIVE, but also too many numbers.  What is going on?!

The process sucks vs. the Native process that I've done since I started buying Native 10 years ago or something, mainly for the warranty process.  You go through the warranty process and then they give you an "offer" that you have 2 days to respond to or it will be cancelled.  Why are they putting the pressure on me?  Then they're trying to replace my Haskills with a pair of women's glasses (Sixty-Six) that are lesser value by $80.   I write the email provide and they don't get back.  No phone number.  No chat session offered.  Then my offer expires and I have to resubmit.






This process does not help those who need replacement parts.  It does not make sense to create a service request and send in my glasses when all I need is new nose pads.  Does Native still offer replacement parts?  Do they plan to start offering them?

Tried to get nose piece replacements from Native for a week. This is the email sent from Luxottica Warranty & Repair Service Center Oct 15, 2020. 
Response By Email (Kristy K) (10/15/2020 05:26 PM)
Hello Lenny,

Thank you for contacting Luxottica After Sales.
We apologize, Native used to offer some replacement parts. Since April 2020 when we began we have not had Native replacement parts available. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.
We value you as our customer and want to ensure you receive the best possible care.
All new warranty evaluation claims must first be submitted online.
At this time receipts are just recommended for Costa and Native customers and are not required for coverage on manufacturing defects under warranty. 
Please visit, to submit a warranty claim. Once here, you will be asked to register. This is a different registration from your profile.

For the best experience, please use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Again, thank you for contacting us!  Please visit
to complete a brief survey regarding your experience today. Have a great day!

Best Regards,

Luxottica Warranty & Repair Service Center

Thanks so much for your detailed response. I have been a loyal Native customer largely because of the warranty. They were a high quality product with good service. I don't want to buy from a conglomerate, so I look forward to finding the new brand at REI.

I've owned 3 pairs of Natives over the last 15 years or so. I'm having the same experience recently with repair, replacement, and parts. They are nothing like what they used to be (quality, selection, function, and support) and in my opinion, not a brand anymore that fits in with REI and should be dropped. We come to REI because of the superior products and support. Native fit this description up until a year or two ago as they were preparing for selling themselves. Selection, innovation, repair, and replacement parts all dropped significantly. 


Add me as another long time Native Eyewear user that can't get the "lifetime warranty" honored by Luxotica since their merger.  I've purchased four pairs of Native Eyewear from REI since 2003.  Every single pair has been replaced or repaired by Native at least once under their warranty. 

Originally it was all done for free, then they got bought by Costa and moved from Hood River to Florida and started making you pay $35 "processing fee" on any warranty claim.  This wasn't as good a deal but since they always would just send you a new pair with case and microfiber cloth, it was acceptable.

Now that Luxotica bought Costa, it seems that they will not support the old warranty.  All claims appear to just be rejected unless you can provide a receipt within the last 12 months and they deny most everything as "normal wear and tear".

REI should stop selling this brand immediately.  It is no longer a quality or supported product.

I want to chime in.  REI - tell us all the new brand you're replacing Native with.  The lifetime warranty I've used for probably 20 years, and I've paid to replace and have 6 pair as a river guide, traveler, lover of Native Sunglasses.  With "2020", this too seems to simply be another big loss for the year.  I'm so sad, mad, and want the 'next Native' that fits me, and that REI stands behind.  Please advise.

I am in the same boat. Theyve been bought out by luxottica who also owns many other eyewear brands such as oakley and rayban. I cannot get replacement lenses anymore. Sad that such a wonderful company is now part of a multi national conglomerate with service and likely production to be sent over seas. Time to find another USA made brand.


Has anybody here found a suitable replacement?

I've really appreciated being able to just replace $100 worth of lenses every year, rather than two full pairs of sunglasses for $300+.


I agree, what's been the best replacement here?  Agreed and this got me irritated enough to actually login and post up above.  What does the REI GURU of all Sunglasses think here?