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Native Eyewear --Beware! Struggles with replacement parts

I have purchased three pairs of Native Eyewear sunglasses from REI since 2017. Love them, but tried to order replacement parts and the company is non-responsive. An automated response sends me to a website called "luxotica," but they do not list Native Eyewear as one of their supported companies.

Very frustrating to have $100+ glasses that need parts (notepads, lens....)

Anyone else had this problem?

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I had the exact same issue with the Vigor sunglasses that I bought for my PCT through-hike in 2017. I wish I'd had a sense of urgency about getting the temple fixed before Native became part of Luxottica. I just spent a couple of days trying to painstakingly put the small plastic joint back together with epoxy. I thought I had it but then tried to close the temples again—no luck. It broke all over again.

It's so frustrating to not be able to fix something that cost $130 and to not be able to buy replacement parts (I went through Luxottica's warranty process to no avail).

I bought these sunglasses because people spoke so highly of Native, especially their warranty and replacement policy.

Have pair of Native Dash XP sunglasses.  Need rubber nose pad.  One is missing.  No response from Native.  Purchased several years ago at REI.  Can I return the defective item to REI for store credit?

@Ecamper we're sorry to hear about the missing nose pad on your sunglasses and want you to know that we have alerted our buyer to the feedback we're receiving about Native's lack of response to customer service inquiries.

Regarding your sunglasses, our return policy allows for returns of items within one year of purchase, so unfortunately we would not be able to issue a refund/store credit for your glasses.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Given the fact that Luxotica does not respond like Native did, and further, that they don't even acknowledge that Native is one of their brands, i would suggest that REI no longer carry items from this company.  If you do, I would submit that you are going to have a long line of customers with complaints.

I would also hope that REI, with your huge buying power, would pressure Luxotica to ramp up their customer service and provide parts for those of us who are Very Unhappy with their lack of same.

Please forward this to your sunglass buyer.  i would like to have them respond as to how they might assist an almost 50 year member of REI like myself in resolving this issue.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

As Luxottica will not honor the Native warranty or offer replacement parts, REI should do the honorable thing and give store credit to all of us who now have useless eyewear. If REI also has to experience a little of the hardship those of us who own broken Native eyewear, maybe they can pressure Luxottica to honor the warranty, or drop all Luxottica brands. Stand by your members, not deadbeat companies. 


Hi @Joe3 - Thanks for reaching out and sharing this feedback with us. One of the reasons we're excited about this community is the chance to hear directly from our customers on topics that are important to them. We hear your frustrations about not being able to get replacement parts for your glasses.

We are going to pass your suggestions along to the appropriate team for future consideration. Thanks again for taking the time to share this with us.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Now that luxottica took over, I will never buy native again. They suck compared to how native treated their customers. This luxottica is awful. Do not trust that you will get a lifetime warrantee on the same pair of glasses. The switched it on me. I had patrollers and the said they were out of stock and would not allow me to wait till they came back in stock. They offered me a cheaper style in stead. Not happy with these jokers. I would not buy anything from them again. 

@Ecamper @Yosh @HikerGuy @Dktiger @Jaredmichael 

We apologize that your experience with your Native sunglasses has fallen short of the service levels you expect. We have passed along your feedback and frustrations to our teams at REI as well as Native. If your sunglasses were purchased within the last year then they are covered by REI's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and you are welcome to return them to your local REI store or you can look at your options for returning by mail here. You can find more details about our Return Policy here.

We have confirmed that Native is a brand option for the Luxottica Customer Support portal. You must create an account and then click 'Create A Service Request' (not 'Buy Replacement Parts' as Native is not an option through that link). Follow the prompts (scanning proof of purchase and uploading photos of your sunglasses) to submit a warranty claim for your sunglasses. Additionally, we were told by Native that they have their 1-800-77NATIVE phone number staffed and available to answer questions. If you have an existing warranty claim (submitted via the steps above), you can call the Native Customer Care Center, choosing option 2 for a Native consumer, then 1 for warranty and repair, then 2 for warranty. That should take you to a customer agent, bearing in mind there will be an informational message before the agent option is offered.

Hopefully this helps get you some of the answers you are looking for. Your feedback has been heard and we are sorry this has been a frustrating experience.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @REI-JohnJ .  I don't have any Native sunglasses, but I commend you on your efforts to try and help those that do with your thorough explanation on how to navigate Native/Luxottica's processes.


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Unfortunately, this process if of no use if you need a replacement part.  They do not sell replacement parts anymore.