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Native Eyewear --Beware! Struggles with replacement parts

I have purchased three pairs of Native Eyewear sunglasses from REI since 2017. Love them, but tried to order replacement parts and the company is non-responsive. An automated response sends me to a website called "luxotica," but they do not list Native Eyewear as one of their supported companies.

Very frustrating to have $100+ glasses that need parts (notepads, lens....)

Anyone else had this problem?

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I too only needed a replacement nose pad.  A previous poster in this thread said they found some Maui Jim pads that worked.  It took awhile, but I found some on eBay that work okay on my Natives.  Go to eBay and search for "Brand New Replacement Nose Pads for Martini and Maui Jim Sport Sunglasses".  I could not find anything on Amazon.  Good luck.

Thanks for the tip. It's been months now since I asked about this, and yours is the best suggestion yet.


Found some black ones for $14.95 on eBay.  It's difficult to tell, but do these "slip on" the plastic prongs on the Native Itso's?

Thank again for the tip.  It's really frustrating trying to track down parts for these otherwise great glasses. I. also just order two pair of lenses from a company called "Fuse".  Custom made at a reasonable price.


They should just slid on the post.  They weren't quite thick enough for my glasses so I added one of those little stick-on foam pads you can find everywhere.  They fit just fine now.  Good Luck.


Found some black ones for $14.95 on eBay.  It's difficult to tell, but do these "slip on" the plastic prongs on the Native Itsos?

Thank again for the tip.  It's really frustrating trying to track down parts for these otherwise great glasses. I also just ordered two pair of lenses from a company called "Fuse Lenses".  Custom made at a reasonable price.


Same issue. Luxotica will send me a new (but different: Hardtop XP) pair of sunglasses but I cannot get replacement nose pads. I like my existing (but discontinued:: Eastrim) model. I don't think the Maui Jim replacement pads will work for my model but I have ordered a pair of Nike replacement pads from ebay for $3. I'll see if they work.

I'll add my name to the list of those that are super bummed by the Luxxotica purchase of Native. I've had Native sunglasses for... 20 years, maybe? And they've been fantastic. But I tried getting new lenses about a year ago and was told they weren't doing parts orders due to Covid. Tried again in July / August and was told their warehouses were still getting back up to speed. Alas, it sounds like the real answer is that they are no longer providing replacement parts. 

Anyways, there are two companies that I tried that have 3rd party replacement lenses - Fuse and Revant. I tried Revant at first and the replacements were not great - they had a waviness in the lens that distorted my vision. I then got Fuse lenses and those have been good. My only small complaint is that they don't quite have the color that Native had (Native has a really terrific, light brown lens that is great for the PNW - good enough to see well when clouds roll in and temporarily blot out the sun, a frequent occurrence...). Anyways, maybe that'll help people that just need replacement lenses.

Thank you for addressing this issue to the best of your ability! I think that REI should indeed stop selling this product, as the inability to buy replacement parts limits their value. I paid over $100 and can't even buy replacement lenses. What's the point of having unbreakable frames when the lenses need to be replaced every so often and can't be?


Adding myself to the list of people disappointed with the Luxottica acquisition of Native Eyewear. Nice brand swallowed up by the largest owner of sunglasses in the world.  I had a pair of Catamounts where a lens broke, not from misuse. Luxottica confirmed it was covered under warranty. I will say the support for getting the replacement was pretty smooth. Unfortunately the model I have was "discontinued" (just a SKU change) so they could not replace with the "same" glasses.  I had to send in everything (glasses, spare lenses, case, bag) to get replacement. Warranty replacement is only glasses and cloth case. I lost my hard case (better protection) and a spare pair of lenses in the warranty replacement. Effectively they took things away from me to replace something covered under warranty. I was also looking for spare parts (lenses) because I do like the glasses and really missed them. They said there are not spare lenses that can be ordered for Native. They claimed this was temporary but could not confirm when/if this would change.

Unless Native/Luxottica makes spare parts available in the near future I would not recommend buying anything from them going forward. I was fully prepared to buy a second pair of the sunglasses the second my replacement arrived. I'm not putting that idea on hold and will start looking for a replacement brand that is not under the Luxottica companies, if that's possible.

Seems like REI is also carrying fewer variations of Native Eyewear glasses, wonder if it is due to the changes since Luxottica purchased them?


Yet another excellent sunglass brands has fallen to the mediocrity that is luxotica. The previous customer service you received from Native will no longer be available and any hope of customer service is forgotten. Most likely still quality eyewear, but zero customer service.