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MTB delivery and assembly: Promised transparency was lied to instead

I ordered a DRT 2.1 hardtail online on June 14th for delivery and assembly at Copley, San Diego. To preface, I was not familiar about wait times until I received my online receipt stating REI’s transparency regarding bottleneck due to COVID-19. To this, I was understanding and empathetic. The promised delivery date was on June 18th. A follow-up email from REI stated that upon receipt of the bike, assembly takes up to 7 days. Fair enough. 3 days later, the app and website updated the status on a helmet I purchased along with the bike and said it had arrived at the store on the 17th. No bike. This was understandable as the promise was the 18th and 7 days. The date came. No updated status on delivery. The weekend came and went and still no updated status. I figured I’d finally call the store on Monday but the phone rang to no avail. I used the chat feature on the website instead which connected me to the distribution center. They stated the store received the bike on the 17th. Fantastic! I’m so excited!

Today is the 25th. I called the store and was surprised a human picked up the phone. I was transferred to their Bike Center and spoke to the person in-charge. After I mentioned I was calling in regards to the status of my bike,  he inundated me with the wait times and mentioned there are 5 people working on assembly on bike orders on any given day and they were experiencing backlogs. “I understand. I just want to know: how far along am I in the queue?”, I asked. He replied, “Two weeks!”. I mentioned that I was promised up to 7 days upon receipt of my bike. He asked for my last name and checked on the bike. “Yeah, we haven’t even received your bike” he says to me. I mention I called the distribution center and confirmed that the store received it on, “The 17th?”, he quickly interjects. I asked, “So you received it on the 17th? I’m confused. Which is it? You haven’t received my bike? Or did the store receive it on the 17th?”. He quickly course corrects and tells me that the store indeed received it on the 17th and hasn’t updated the status to being received as work hasn’t even begun. “Check back and give us a call after two weeks”, I was told.

Oh boy. This is the REI transparency I was promised (?)

To clarify, I’m fine with waiting. Being lied to is where I draw the line.

3 Replies

@dblhlx Thank you for providing this feedback.

We are so sorry for the miscommunication about the timeline for your bicycle. We will follow up with the San Diego store team about your experience. At REI we strive to deliver the best customer service experience possible and we appreciate knowing when we miss the mark. We hope that in the future you will give us the opportunity to meet your service expectations again.

I have followed up with you via direct message and we look forward to hearing from you again.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

As an update: Management reached out to me and heard my frustration. To be fair and completely balanced, I would like to apologize on the verbiage in my post. I now understand that I was not intentionally lied to/misled. I was made aware of some of the moving parts involved in shipment, receiving, and assembly. I do think that communications sent to customers  could be improved such that we as customers can better manage our expectations as we only have eyes on the end product/result and not the internal moving parts. That being said, I would like to extend my gratitude to Todd (store manager) and staff at Copley, San Diego for hearing me out and stepping up to the plate. You have my confidence and faith restored in the brand that got me to enjoy more of the outdoors. I am also happy to report that I am getting my bike in a couple of days and I am eager and excited!


Thank you John for your assistance in the matter. I truly appreciate it! 


@dblhlx thanks for looping back with us; we're so glad we were able to resolve the situation!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.