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MSR Whisperlite International Service Kit

Hi REI! 

I've got an MSR Whisperlite International backpacking stove that is in need of some love. I bought it probably in 1999 or so. Will the Service kit you sell be applicable for my stove? I've heard mixed answers on this from random reviewers, so I'm a bit confused.

I know the stove mechanism hasn't changed much (jets and wick should be good), though the pump has been redesigned. I am very interested in maintaining my current pump - new o-rings/seals, etc. -  since I understand the new version to be relatively inferior. 

What do you say? Will I be able to bring my old pump to new life with this kit?


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@cndoree ,

Great question about a great stove!  I remember my first solo backpacking trip in Zion with that stove and learning to prime it correctly.  I blew off most of an eyebrow and didn't know it till finishing the trip! Yay hands-on learning!

So you're right that the stove itself hasn't changed much and that the pump has had a redesign.  There are two ways to go about finding your answer.  1.) Connect with MSR directly and match the stove year to what they offer in the maintenance kit.  2.) Calling or going to your local REI to match each O-ring with what you're working with on hand. 

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