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Mouse Chewed Backpack shoulder strap

I'm wondering if a backpack shoulder strap near its lower attachment can be repaired/replaced - it was nearly chewed through by a mouse. It's a JanSport backpack in otherwise great shape. Does REI still do repairs or provide recommendations? Is it cost effective to even consider?

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Thanks for reaching out, although we're sorry to hear that a rodent got to the strap of your pack!

While it's hard to know the specifics of your pack without seeing it in person, it sounds like it should be repairable. We recommend going through Rainy Pass repair, you can find more information, including contact information, about them on our Repair Services page

Their website says this about pack repair:

"We are experts in repairing packs. Our comprehensive list of repair and modification possibilities for packs is incomparable. Whether new hardware and webbing straps, or patches for holes and fraying seams, we can repair it all. We can replace missing shoulder straps, hip harnesses and rebuild sternum straps from scratch. Regardless of age, we’ll keep your pack trail or street ready."

Hopefully they're able to get your pack back in service, thanks!

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