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is there an insert to stiffen my Moab 2's?

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@WTH, thanks so much for reaching out!

One of the nice things about a softer shoe is that it’s super comfortable right out of the box; unfortunately, the downside is that your feet do more work in a softer shoe and there isn’t a great solution for really increasing the stiffness of a soft shoe, as the stiffness comes from the shank and midsole, neither of which is modifiable.

With that said, insoles can help a little, mainly by increasing the support under your feet. Here are a few you could consider:

  • Superfeet – This is one of the stiffer options that would provide heel stability and arch support. Each color of the Superfeet will indicate a difference in profile (describes the height of the insole) and volume (how much space the insole requires inside your shoe).
  • Sole– This is another option to consider as it’s firm and provides arch/heel support. Also, sole insoles can be molded to provide a custom fit.

Keep in mind that insoles are often thicker than the originals and will likely change the fit of your shoes. If you decide you want any help with insoles or maybe selecting a stiffer shoe, definitely consider coming into one of our stores for a fitting.

Hope this helps!

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