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Mens Hat that will not blow off

Looking for a sun hat for men that has a strap that can be pulled down behind the head and under chin to anchor it against wind.  I have owen one before but cannot find where I purchased it from.

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Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately I do not believe REI carries such an item, at least not as I understand how you have described the strap. As I understand it you are looking for a hat with a strap that goes behind your head and under you chin simultaneously? The sun hats we carry have chin straps only. I will say that in high winds in the alpine I have found that the Outdoor Research Sun Runner cap has always performed well for me and stayed put.

I hope this helps, thanks!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Tilley hats come with dual straps so you can put one under your chin and the other behind, or both behind when it's not windy.


I just went out on the sales floor and confirmed what @Roger says about the Tilley hats. They do, in fact, have a dual strap system on their hats that allows you to accomplish what you are looking for. I had always assumed the design was just to have two straps under your chin. I'm happy to learn something new today. Thanks!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

One more tip for getting (and keeping!) your Tilley hat: On really windy days it also helps to snap up the two sides of the brim. This greatly reduces the wind's upward pressure on the hat.

I've worn my Tilley hats(*) through heavy wind on mutiple continents and at high elevations without ever once having them fly off my head.

(*) the second was a lifetime warranty replacement for the original that had worn out after several decades of wear. Yes, Tilley hats are worth the cost.


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The search for a good hat is real!  After YEARS of looking for the right hat for me, I've settled on the Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat from REI $43 (I purchased mine in 2017 for $29, not sure what happened to the price)...Anyway, it holds it shape, hangs on, with strap, in the wind, and is good in the rain.  As I've aged, gotten more experienced, dermotologist highly recommended a wide brimmed hat which kept the sun off my face, this works great!  And has held up wonderfully!

good luck!

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