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Member Number

I became a member while living in Denver, Co. Moved to Gilbert Az- 11 years ago - used my membership several times but i am unable to access my member card now. I have the same phone number but different email. Old email could have been my work email, not sure - are we able to retrieve my membership info ?  it may also show a different address. I hope this is not an inconvenience but I would sure love to resurrect my membership number. Thanks so much. Jane Nichols



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Hi @jnichols51, thanks for reaching out to us!

In order to retrieve your member number, go ahead and give our Customer Service team a call! You can reach them at 1-800-426-4840. Additionally, we wanted to let you know that we removed your personal information from your post in order to help protect your privacy. 

Hope this is helpful to you! 


They were able to retrieve mine from back in the mid-70's!   I found the email they sent me, so I  poked around until I found out how I got it.  They have a lookup here:  REI Membershi Number Lookup 

Edit:  Oops, didn't see James' response.


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