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Matching lock cores in a Thule Circuit Rooftop Bike Rack

Hi -

We had two rooftop racks and one was damaged.  The key we had worked in both, and now I'm thinking that was done by switching out the cylinder in the store.  Can I take the existing rack into a store before purchasing a new one to get the same cylinder?

Thanks for any guidance.

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@jschoe1 the quick answer is yes; there are a few ways you can accomplish having matching lock cores in your existing and new rack, noting that there will be a few steps in the process to get matching lock cores for both rooftop racks. For all options, we recommend connecting with your local REI store as they can help you with each step:

  1. If the lock core on the damaged rack is not damaged, you could remove it and transfer it to your new rack, which would allow you to continue to use your keys on both.
  2. Or, if you know the number of the lock core of the undamaged rack, the store may either have a matching lock core in stock or can order one easily for you for your new rack (this is more likely as the lock cores each store carries are varied/random).
  3. You could instead pick out your new rack, identify the lock core number on the new one, and get a second lock core to match this one.
  4. Finally, you could buy 2 new matching lock cores and replace the lock cores in both your undamaged and new rack.

Again, your local store is your best option to solve this situation specifically! Hope this helps!

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