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Re: Lucy Do Everything Pant

So you used to carry Lucy - but it looks like the North Face bought them out and started tinkering with my favorite pant.  I don't remember if it was maybe called the Do Everything Pant... ?  Anyway they changed the pant and it's way too long and made different too.  It appears they will stock a short - but can't keep it/get it in my beloved black if it would even work.  It looked like a regular pair of black pants with a slight flare on the bottom and 2 zip pockets.  Not the one that was gathered.  I'm plus size on the bottom - but could always wear their extra large for some reason although I'm probably in jeans a 22/24.  Who has a similar pant ?  Literally I'm seeing thru my last pair 🙂  I wear them to work and then if I want to go swimming in the ocean there they go too.  Do you have a pant like this with those fabulous zip pockets in another brand ?  It's hard to find plus size athletic wear & tell your bosses that we need it too and Lane Bryant has the niche market - but their stuff is junky.

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@DemoDonna. Thank you for reaching out, I remember the Do Everything Pants! I was a fan of Lucy as well, but have since found some great alternatives to my beloved pants. 

The Prana Pillar Pants are a really good option. They do not have side zip pockets like the Do Everything Pants but there is a small pocket in the waistband.

Another option are the Prana Summit Pants. They are made from a lightweight, stretch fabric and have both side and back pockets.

Both of these styles comes in a variety of sizes and lengths. 

In addition, I have also had a lot of luck with pants from Athleta. There are some great fabrics and they consistently fit me well. Most of their pants come in a petite or short option. 

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