Looking for help with snowshoe sizing

I am wanting to buy the MSR Lighting Ascent Snowshoes for Women. Do I need to order the 22inch or the 25inch. I am 5'1 and weigh 140lbs. Thank you


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the 22 inch models will be perfect for you.  If you happen to encounter conditions where there is a ton of light powder snow or you are carrying a heavier load you have the option of adding the flotation tails (sold separately)  to give you more float.  But for most conditions the 22 inch are the ones to go with for you.

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Hey there @heyaudra!

First of all, good life choice. I am in love with my MSR Lightening Ascents! The 22" snowshoe should be totally good for you. MSR recommends the 22" for up to 180lbs, and if you add tails, you get up to 250lbs. For most applications, that would be the perfect size!


The only reason you would consider going up to the 25" is if you live in an area where a TON of powder can drop all at once (think multiple feet) and you are adventurous enough to get out and play in that fresh pow! Or if you plan to winter backpack with an over 40lb pack. 

Happy Trails!


At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.