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Looking for a backpacking tent for 2 big people


I'd like to buy a 3 season tent for backpacking for my husband and myself.  We're both bigger people (tall, wide shoulders).  Also, he's new to backpacking and a little hesitant, so I'd like there to be a little extra space than a typical 2-person backpacking tent, for his comfort.  I am not necessarily looking for an ultra-light tent.  I'm hoping to find either an especially roomy 2-person 3-season backpacking tent, or maybe a 3-person one.  Do you have any suggestions? 

Thanks for any tips!


2 Replies

@laurae thanks for reaching out - fun question! The REI Half Dome 3 Plus Tent is probably great for what you're describing! It would give you 92" in length and extra space for just the 2 of you, plus a full-coverage rainfly and an intuitive set-up. If that feels too big, you could size down to the REI Half Dome 2 instead. We always recommend buying a footprint to go with your tent, to help extend the life of your tent and protect against moisture coming up from the ground. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I'm going to go ahead with this recommended REI Half Dome 3 Plus Tent. 


We have had a lot of positive experiences with face-to-face interactions with REI employees.  That's why I wanted to ask the online community about how to buy a tent.  I don't currently live close to a store so it

 is woderful knowing that an REI representative is close by .