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Leki pole wrist strap

Hello - a team member assisted me in selecting a pair of Leki cristallo poles a few months ago and they are great so far.  Question though - can the wrist straps be removed to wash them?  These have seen a fair bit of sweat and ick and a removal option to wash would be ideal.


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Following!  Been using mine for years.  Talk about funk!!

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@cn0123 Thanks for reaching out!

I do not believe the straps are removable for washing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them clean. I recommend a product like Rockin’ Green cleaner. Make a solution with the detergent and water and scrub any obvious spots with a brush (an old toothbrush would be great for this). Then create a way to balance the poles so you can soak the straps in the solution for several hours. It would be best if only the straps were submerged in the solution. After they have soaked for several hours or overnight take them out and rinse them with clean water. Let them dry and you’ll be ready to go!

I hope this helps, thank you!


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