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Kingdom 8 Tent Color coding

I have the older version of the Kingdom 8 (about 5 years old) and have used it probably a dozen times for extended car camping trips... Love the tent.....   but I am a slow learner:

 I just noticed this tent has black and orange color coded stake down tabs on foot print, tent and fly.  

I just cleaned and dried the tent and packed it away for our next trip in about three weeks.

Question: What color code goes with the rainfly vestibule? Or conversly, what color code goes with the optional garage attachment which I have.  I want to lay out the foot print correctly next time and not have to "spin" the tent after set up.


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I have a kingdom 6 from around the same period!  Love the tent as well!  I cannot recall exactly what color combination will line up on the side with the included vestibule, but if you line up the black tabs on the foot print, black tabs on the tent, black tabs on the rainfly, and do the same with the orange tabs all should end well.  Hope this helps!  Next time I set up my kingdom 6, which is hopefully sooner than later, I will check and see exactly what color tab is on the vestibule side. 

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Thanks Andy,

Well I went ahead and pulled the rainfly out which I had so carefully dried and packed and observed that the BLACK tabs are on the Vestibule end meaning that the ORANGE tabs align with the end of the tent that accepts the Garage.  I wanted to figure this out so the next time I place the footprint, I will know to face the vestibule end into the wind and also allow enough room for the Garage at the other end.  I will mark the footprint so I get it correct and not have to "spin" the tent after pitching it and putting the rainfly on.  Who would know pitching a tent was so complicated?

Here is how I resolved my problem..... I made a reminder note on the tent foot print which is the first thing out of the bag.