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Kelty Late Start 2 Tent

I bought Kelty Late Start 2 Tent and used it for my 4-day backpacking trip.  I was happy with all the features and how easy it was to set up.  Love the sleeves for the poles, instead of the grommets, however the downside happened on my second night.  The pole ripped the sleeve about 2 inches, I wish there was a warning on the instruction to make sure the poles reach the bottom of the sleeves without touching it.  

I wonder if you can suggest or any way to repair it other than putting a duct tape on it.  I still like and want to keep it. 

Thank you,

W Mariana Fisher




2 Replies

@wiwikm, I am so sorry to hear that!!  That's a total bummer!  Without seeing exactly what's wrong with the tent (although I think I have a good idea based on your description), I have a couple of recommendations for you:

  • If it's something you purchased at REI it sounds like that might fall within our return policy.  Here is a link to the REI Return Policy.
  • If it's not something you purchased at REI, it looks like based on your description, you could check Kelty's Warranty and see if that applies.  
  • REI works with a great repair company out of Seattle, WA called Rainy Pass Repair.  You can bring items into your local store and ask us to send them to Rainy Pass for you.  We aren't able to quote you a price at drop off, nor a repair turnaround time.  That's the only downside here.  We can however indicate if a customer would like to be contacted if the repair charge will exceed $20 prior to the repair being performed.
  • While you're at your local store, I'd suggest bringing in your tent and asking a green vest that can put their eyes on the issue.  They might have another bright idea!

Sorry again that happened to you!  I hope a repair can be made to get you back out sleeping under the stars!!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Ripped Tent's sleeve.jpg

Hi Shannon,

Yes, I did buy it online from REI,  in June.  I attached a picture of it, the closest store I can go is the one in Vernon Hills, IL.

Appreciate your help, thanks.

WM Fisher