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Kelty coyote 75 women’s

I know this pack is not sold anymore. I bought it when I was a true novice and it’s still in great shape. I was not fitted correctly and I did a practice hike and had severe hip rash and bruises. I can not sinch the waist small enough to make it not slip down to my hips. It says it’s removable. Is there an option that I can buy and replace hip belt with and see if a small one will work better? I hate to get rid of a pack that everything else is working great on. Thanks so much ! 

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@Amk0923 Thanks for reaching out!

Based on the research I was able to do, it does not appear that Kelty makes a smaller version of the hip belt. It is likely the hip belt is removable to reduce bulk when traveling or to prevent it from getting caught on a luggage carousel at the airport. Without seeing the pack it's impossible to tell if there is a different hip belt that could be used instead. It is unlikely that would be the case, but you could take your pack to your local REI store and have them take a look and see if there is a way to solve the issue with the hip belt from another manufacturer. 

I hope this helps, thanks!


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