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Jackets with removable sleeves?

I have an REI jacket that I bought in 2012 or so that I think was part of the Spruce Run line.  It's dark green, has a removable hood, removable arms, plenty of pockets, and is exactly the right length.   Unfortunately, it's getting a bit beat up and has a few paint stains.  I would love to replace it, but I can't find anything like it online.  I especially like that I can remove the sleeves and it becomes a vest.  Is there anything like that's currently available?

Thank you,



The beloved jacketThe beloved jacket

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Thank you for reaching out!

I have some really fond memories of my Spruce Run Jacket! I had the red, hoodless version, but it was a great jacket and I really enjoyed the ability to convert it to a vest and back again. I must have preferred it as a vest, though, because eventually it faded from time spent in the sun and the sleeves did not!

Unfortunately, REI does not carry any jackets that have a convertible feature like yours. Typically, the ability to convert from a jacket to a vest by removing the sleeves is only found in cycling jackets/jerseys. I can't recall seeing it in another jacket other than the Spruce Run. You may be able to find something outside of REI, a quick google search turned up a couple of potential options.

Thanks for sharing your beloved jacket with us!

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