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Is the Co-op DRT 1.1 Discontinued?

I know there's been a high demand due to COVID.

I checked the other day and it said something like no longer available??


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Hi @adboom - Thanks for reaching out!

We are still carrying the DRT 1.1, but it is currently out of stock. Additional inventory is expected around the start of September.

Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Well, I got an email that they may not be available until September 😞

I woke up in middle of night and couldn't go back to sleep. Checked the website - guess what??

They had it in my size 🙂 and I ordered it.

They only had the black - I really wanted the blue.

My saying is: "If that's my biggest problem, all's good." 


I got my bike late yesterday and took my first ride this am.

Luckily 7/7:30 am in Dallas it was cool ~80 degrees and not too humid. By mid-day is was in 90's and heat index put us at 100 degrees 😞


@adboom - It's so great to hear this update. Congrats on the new bike! 

I used to live in Houston, so know how great those "cool" 80 degree Texas mornings are.

Keep us up to date with your biking ventures and certainly let us know if there are any questions we can help you with regarding your new ride.

Thanks for sharing with us! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.