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Instore pick up

I would like to order a headlamp that is on clearance and have it delivered to the store in Anchorage. I will be out of the country until 3/3/20. How long will they hold the item for me or could I have my daughter pick it up for me?    Jack

2 Replies

@Jackstoebner thanks for reaching out! Once an item is delivered to a store, there is a 2-week pick-up window. Once the item has arrived, if you are unable to reach the store within that 2-week window, you can:

  • Have your daughter pick the headlamp up for you - just make sure she has the email confirmation and photo ID with her for pick-up
  • Call the Anchorage store, have them confirm your pick-up in the system, and then have them hold the headlamp until you are able to drop in to pick it up

Hope this helps!

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Perfect.   Thanks.    Jack