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Important WARNING for California residents - Cancer warning for Elite Trainers

I’ve been in the market for more higher end bike trainers and was intrigued by the two Elite trainers sold at REI until I saw the Warning posted for California residents.  The link takes you to a Proposition 65 website that lists cancer causing chemicals that the state requires companies like yours to report if associated with a product.  I contacted the state program to see why these Elite trainers were flagged, and they responded that I would have to contact the manufacturer.  REI must know the reason.  As a consumer, I’d like to know what the risks are in using these products and wonder if you can help me determine the risks.



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The prop 65 warning is everywhere, to the point that it loses its effectiveness 

Anexample.  The collection storage rooms at a museum where I volunteer were recently remodeled and  prop 65 warning sign promptly appear on the door.  to the walls Why?  Apparently it had to do with the paint applied, which was quite dry an cured, with no hint of remaining volatiles.

I imagine thee is something similar with the trainer you are contemplating.  i wouldn't worry about it.  Just don't sprinkle the paint chips on your Wheaties.

You will probably be much healthier using the bike trainer regularly, even with the dreaded prop 65 warning.



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@DanK thanks for reaching out with your question - we will reply shortly, however wanted to make sure you were aware that even though you posted this question on the "Ask an REI Employee" board, you may also get responses from other members of the community. This is our friendly reminder that only posts from a user with the “REI Employee” title should be regarded as employee-generated content. That said, users with the "REI Community Moderator/Manager" are also employees!

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@DanK thanks for reaching out!

Prop 65 requires products sold in the state of California containing one or more of a list of 1000+ chemicals of concern to the state of California to notify customers of potential hazards. Because different companies adopt different approaches to manage compliance with this labeling expectation, we would second the state program’s advice to contact the manufacturer directly if you would like specific information on why a label is used on a certain product. You can reach out to Elite Bike Trainers with the contact information at the bottom of their webpage, here.

I hope this helps guide you in the right direction. Thanks!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.