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If I order climbing rope by the foot will it all come as one piece?

I have 40 feet of climbing strap in my cart. I would like it to come as 1 piece. Can anyone tell me if it will as there is no comment during purchase. Thanks 

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Hi @Mango8429 - Thanks for reaching out! To confirm we are talking about the same thing, are you planning to order forty feet of Climb-Spec Tubular Webbing?

We are going to look into some more information about ordering this length of the product and will circle back here when we have an answer for you.


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Hi @Mango8429 - For the Climb-Spec Tubular Webbing that can be ordered by the foot, the total spool length is 300' and may not all be one piece of webbing. We cannot guarantee that large orders will be in one continuous piece. 

If your project requires it being in one piece, you can contact your local REI and see if the webbing is available there in a piece longer than your required length. If you do order it online and it comes in more than one piece, there may also be ways to tie the pieces together so it still serves its purpose for your intended use. If you go that route, we suggest adding an extra foot or two for room to add knots. 

Let us know if you have additional questions and we'll be happy to help. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi Carter,

It's not that webbing. It's the PMI E-Z Bend Sport 11mm

Non-Dry Static rope. Would your answer be the same for this item?


Hi @Mango8429 - Thank you for that clarification. The above answer is the same for the PMI E-Z Bend Sport 11mm.

While our team tries to have each order of these products come from one spool, we cannot guarantee large orders will be one continuous piece. If you have a local REI, contacting them about availability would be a good solution to ensuring the rope is in one piece.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you Carter, you've been a great help.