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Hydration Reservoirs for Revelate Tangle (Small)


I am looking for a hydration reservoir with that might be compatible with the Revelate Tangle bag (small), which says it is "hydration bladder-compatible with tube exit port."

Would hydration reservoirs with a drinking tube and valve work if they are placed horizontally in a such a frame bag or do they have to be placed vertically? Is there a specific model for hydration reservoir with a tube that you would recommend for the revelate tangle bag size small considering the dimensions and would the standard drinking tube be long enough for cycling on a dropbar bike?


Thank you.


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@jds2214 Thanks for reaching out!

You are correct that you could use a 'regular' hydration reservoir with the Tangle bag. For a size small you'll want to make sure the reservoir isn't too big. A bladder style, such as the HydraPak, can allow you to fill the bladder part way and fold over the excess if needed (it doesn't have any large plastic pieces that might inhibit folding). 

One idea that could work well is using a collapsible water bottle like the HydraPak UltraFlask 500 paired with the HydraPak Seeker Hydration Kit as the UltraFlask is shaped more similarly to the Tangle Frame bag.

In terms of tube length, the tube that comes with a hydration bladder is long enough to thread up to your handlebars. In order to drink from it, you typically have to be in a low, 'aerodynamic' position over your handlebars. 

Hope this helps!

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