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Re: How to submit a product design AND are you evaluating your relationship with China

How do you submit a product design. I have a great idea and if you make it, I would buy one 🙂


Are we going to be getting away from making stuff in China?

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Following, would love to know this also.

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@WildalaskaKen thanks for reaching out about a product idea you have! The best way to submit this to REI is through our email address, noting that although we review all submissions, we aren't able to respond to all. Also, unfortunately, due to COVID, our Spring Innovator Series was cancelled although we anticipate hosting more in the future.

To answer your question about products made in China - we look around the world for the best factories to make REI's brand gear and apparel. Our sourcing decisions are based on factories' technical expertise and ability to deliver the highest quality products at competitive prices and in alignment with our values. We have found some of those quality in domestic factories and partner with them, however a portion of our products are, and will continue to be, produced outside the United States. We routinely explore new opportunities for local manufacturing.

We had a related and spirited conversation here in the community not long ago, if you were interested in hearing from other community members on this topic.

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