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How to opt out of REI Business Partner Catalogs?

Recently catalogs for other companies have started being sent to my house after I was browsing those products on REI's website. Gerber Gear, Osprey, Prana, and Yeti were recently sent, and I have not done business directly with them, nor authorized any mail to be sent to me.

Is there a way to opt out of being signed up for mail that I do not want?

How can I opt out of advertisement mail from REI being sent to me?

I cannot use this website if it results in signing me up for more junk mail. I contacted customer service, they said that they changed "my preferences" for my "REI Email Account", but new junk mail is still coming in.


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@daniel505 thanks for reaching out! To address both questions:

  • It sounds like you have taken the right steps for opting out of REI's direct mail - please note it can take a few weeks for this change to be in effect, so it's possible you could still receive something in the mail from us while the system updates
  • Browsing on will not cause you to receive direct mail from other outdoor gear vendors 

We hope this helps!

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