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How many tents can fit in a campsite?


I have never tent-camped before but would like to this summer.  Looking at online campsite reservations for various state/national forests, and I have a question.  Let’s say I am camping with two friends, so three people total in our party.  Can we pitch three tents per campsite if they can fit in the designated flat surface?  Or do I need to reserve adjoining campsites? I hope it makes sense! Thank you in advance!  I have a 2-person tent...


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Hello @Easyhiker Nice to hear that you will be getting out this summer and trying out your tent!  Every campsite is different so you will definitely want to investigate with the campsite directly.  Often times a campsite will only allow a certain number of people or tents in one area, so adjoining campsites might be the way to go. 

Hope you have a great time!

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@Easyhiker to add an example to @REI-AlyS's answer, when we book campsites in WA State, each site will indicate the "allowed equipment" (see image below). At that point, it's typically up to the campsite hosts if they enforce any overages. Also of note is the limit on the number of cars included in the campsite price and how much you'd pay for additional vehicles. Hope this helps, and hope you have fun - car camping is one of my favorite activities because you can bring lots of creature comforts that you have to leave behind when backpacking!

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At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi guys!  Just to to provide an East Coast perspective to @REI-JenK and her example, Maryland's Department of Natural Resources campsite reservation system is nearly identical to WA.  The format appears slightly different, but the information contained is the same, including a photo of the exact site, maximum occupants, amenities, etc.  Privately owned campgrounds in the area are not nearly as uniform in the information provided on their sites, nor do they all have similar amenities and restrictions, so in those cases, I'd definitely recommend a call to verify.

Enjoy your camping adventures!

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@Rob6 thanks for the East Coast perspective!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you, everyone!  The screen I see on for Rose Canyon Lake in Coronado National Forest in AZ is not very detailed compared to the one you shared.. I know that they charge an additional fee for a second vehicle, and there is a max for the people per campsite... I will keep calling the number I have until someone answers! Thank you for your advice!