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Re: How does REI pick the shipping carrier for packages?

Good morning REI Community!

As we are in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, and I've had some orders shipped to me, it has brought up a question I have been wondering about.

How does REI select the shipping method used for an online order?

Being frugal (read "cheap"), I have usually chosen the "ship to store" method, and I get that those products ship with normal store inventory methods.  But, when I have had items shipped directly to my home, as is the case now, I've had them arrive via a variety of ways.  U.S. Postal; UPS; UPS + US Postal; Fed Ex; LaserShip.  By what criteria is the shipper chosen?



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@Rob6 interesting question! As you might imagine, there are several factors at play for how we choose the carrier that ships any given package, including distance to get to a customer, fastest option for arrival, and cost of the shipment. This combination works out differently for each package, which explains why you're seeing the variety of deliveries!

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Long time REI member/fan, first time writer.  

REI has always given great customer service but twice now LaserShip was used to deliver my order and for the second time in a row, nothing has shown up!  LaserShip must be costing REI more in lost items, having to replace it for customers, and expedite UPS shipping for the replacement of what was lost by Lasership. 

How do we as Co-Op Members start a petition to stop using LaserShip as a delivery method and stick with UPS & USPS?