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How can I tell what my member rewards balance is?

I am Christmas shopping.  I purchased a bunch of stuff from REI over the past 2 months, and don't see any Member rewards or Divedends in my account.

2 purchases were made under my Mother, Patricia Kleinhammer, but still under my account.

Those were on 12/07 for $815 and on 12/14 for $223.

Other recent purchases under my name and account were 12/02 for $169 and 10/25 for $207.

I kind of recall having like 5-10% back in REI rewards, but I can't recall specifics or if this policy has been ammended.  I figured I'd ask.

Thanks REI,


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Thanks for reaching out!

Because your member rewards are calculated based on your purchases for an entire year, they are not visible until the beginning of the next year, typically in March. As such, your purchases in 2021 will be reflected in your member rewards that come out in spring 2022. If you have specific questions about your purchase history or account information, we encourage you to reach out to our Sales and Customer Support team at 1-800-426-4840 or via Live Chat here.

Hopefully that answers your questions, thanks!

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