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How can I set up my 6-mo bike tune appt during the REI store closure?

Hi - this is hardly major but my daughters 6-mo in-store bike tune-up following purchase (Sept 19) fell during the recent closure - can't contact actual store to set back up (yet) so 1) is there a way to reschedule or at least get in line to tune it when stores open back up and 2) will this be honored when things get back & running? Assuming so as REI is always hi-Q w/ things but I just wanted to check.  Thanks and hang in there folks!  

2 Replies

@Malamutte thanks so much for reaching out! The quick answer is yes, we will absolutely honor your 6-month bike tune-up when our stores reopen! At this time, there isn't a way to set that appointment up so we'd ask that you connect with your local store as soon as it reopens. Thanks for the patience and support!

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Thx so much! This is not pressing at all and I thought I'd check into it while on my mind. All the best - K