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Re: High Serra back pack--Issues

I have a high volume pack that is generally ok, however the waist belt is a little too large (yes, I lost weight) and it doesn't hold. The webbing slowly slides through the buckle so I need to adjust it continously or just carry the weight on my shoulders - neither are good suggestions. Any recommendations? Can a new belt be ordered? Thx.


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@BB Thanks for the question!

Without knowing the model of pack you have it would be challenging to know exactly what is causing your issue. The tension of the hipbelt should be keeping the buckle in place and not sliding, however, if the hip pads are too big for you now I could see that potentially preventing the buckle from having the appropriate tension to hold itself in place. I would recommend taking it in to your local REI and having one of our Green Vests take a look at it. It also could be that the buckle needs to be replaced and we can look at the after market solutions that may help as well. I hope this helps get you started in the right direction. Best of luck on your adventures!


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Thanks John, I will do that! Cheers.