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Help With Hiking Boot Sizing

I recently purchased La Sportiva Nucleo II boots for backpacking. I got them in a US size eleven (44.5 on REI). They are clearly too big for me and I plan to size them down. I have a thumb width of space at the end of my foot when I’m stepping just on the insole, and then an additional ~.35 inch past that. I am not sure if I should go down to a 10.5  (43.5) or a 10 (43)? Thanks for the help!

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Hi @nolanjacobs finding the right size can depend on several factors. This includes, the thickness of your sock, the amount that your feet swell, and the various terrain you will be hiking on. I usually use a thumbnail length (Approx. 2 Centimeters) as a base line for room in the front; This usually is a half a size up from what you measure. Since you mentioned that you have a thumb width which can be 2-3 centimeters plus an additional 1/3rd of an inch which is also about 2 centimeters. I would recommend going down just a half a size to a 44. Its better to be on the slightly bigger side then to small. Nothing is worse then bruised toe nails from having shoes to small. You will know your shoes are to big if you find excessive slipping in the heal. 

If you would like further assistance, we have our virtual outfitters who can help size and recommend the correct size. You can sign up here!

I hope this helps. See you on the Trail! 



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