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Help putting the REI Co-op Camp Boss Chair together?

Hi there,

just purchased the camp boss chair. It did not come with any instructions and I am having a very hard time setting it up. The canvas and the legs wont fit. Can you send me instruction please? Thanks. 

2 Replies

@Lisaschai we're sorry to hear the chair is proving tricky to put together, and appreciate you reaching out for help. Here are a few tips:

  • The legs of the chair should pretty easily "pop" into place to create the frame of the chair
  • Once the frame is together, there will be 2 poles sticking up higher and closer together - this is the back of the chair; the 2 lower poles, that are spread further apart, form the seat
  • You'll notice that the canvas part of the chair has an REI logo - this is the top of the chair where your back will rest; in the upper right and left corners behind the logo panel, you'll see 2 little "pockets" where the top 2 poles of the frame slide in
  • Similarly, you'll see 2 little "pockets" on the left and right corners of the backside of the bottom panel - these slide on to the 2 poles that form the seat
  • You can start by putting the canvas over either the top poles or the bottom poles - this is something of a personal preference on what's easier for you
  • Definitely use the tabs you see to help pull the canvas over the pole tips
  • The first few times you put the chair together, it can be a tight fit to get all 4 poles into the 4 pockets - this will get easier over time as the canvas loosens up slightly

We hope this information is helpful; you can always call or stop by your local REI store for in-person/over the phone assistance as well!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @Lisaschai.,

1. Set up the chair so that the four rubber feet are on the ground, and the tallest posts of the frame are behind the shortest posts.



2. Slip the fabric frame over the top posts of the chair. I believe the chair is easier to set up starting from the top.



3. Slip one of the corners of chair over the bottom post. Then, using a very firm pull, and the finger loops provided, stretch the chair fabric over the fourth post. When the chair is new, you really have to pull to secure the chair. Grab on the same leg as I've done in the photo, or have a friend help. Over time, this will get easier as you use the chair more often.




4. Sit in the chair. 


Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.